MADISON OLDS Creates A Flirty, But Cheeky Vibe In New Track 3’S A CROWD

By Frank Bell

Madison Olds is no stranger to releasing music as she has spent the last two years perfecting her sound since a debut album back in 2018.

The Canadian has previously talked about how she has lacked confidence to do what she wants and write on topics that she wants to write about, but it’s clear that the confidence is there now as this new track is electrifying.

3’S a Crowd is the do I or don’t I ideology about being naughty and not caring about what anyone else thinks.  The track is dirty, it’s fun, it’s exciting and when the combination of R&B beats and controlling lyricism hits, it’s a track that is different and needed during the current climate.

The latest release from Madison Olds isn’t complex, but what it does have, is an anthem in all the various dirty pop sections that show off what the talented artist can do.