MADI$ON unveils introspective single ‘Non-Disclosure’ – A reflection on modern relationships

"The greatest songs I've written are definitely those I had the most fun writing, some dancing around the kitchen, some I wrote whilst pretending I was performing on the main stage at Coachella in my bedroom"
4 June 2024

MADI$ON, a rising star hailing from Manchester, makes a resounding entrance onto the R&B and afrobeat scene with her latest single, Non-Disclosure, a poignant reflection on modern relationships. This track delves into the complexities of human connections, painting a narrative of conflicting desires and mistrust. The track is accompanied by a visually stunning video directed by Don Wavos.

Collaborating with her producer Darrius from Studio 88 and featuring artist EBII, MADI$ON’s dedication and personal experiences shine through in the raw and authentic creation of Non-Disclosure. Let’s dive into the world of MADI$ON as she shares insights into her music, collaborations, and upcoming projects.

I believe that lyrics are the most important aspects of a song, of course everyone loves a good beat or rhythm that you can dance to, but the lyrics tell stories

What personal experiences and observations inspired the narrative of Non-Disclosure?

I based the song partly off an experience that I had earlier in the year, meeting a boy who wanted to be in a relationship with me for the wrong reasons. 

I based the idea of the song off the document ‘Non- Disclosure’ because lets all be honest… relationships would be easier if there was a contract with terms and conditions that each person had to sign beforehand. I wrote Non-Disclosure earlier in my songwriting career which I ended up leaving in my drafts for sometime then decided to return to it after I started working with my new producer at studio88, who I believed he could bring the song to life the way I envisioned it in my head. 

How do you channel deep emotional conflicts into relatable and poignant lyrics like those in ‘Non-Disclosure’?

I believe that lyrics are the most important aspects of a song, of course everyone loves a good beat or rhythm that you can dance to, but the lyrics tell stories and if it reaches the right listeners, it can relate to some people in a way that they could not put into words themselves. 

I myself have struggled to put certain deep emotional conflicts into words so I turned to writing them in music. I’ve written many genres of songs including country, soul and deep meaningful songs which reflect the different emotions I go through. Although now I am going down the R&B route I believe that my more intricate songs should be heard too sometime in the future. 

Can you describe your collaboration with producer Darrius from Studio 88 and artist EBII on this track?

When I met my producer Darrius, we connected instantly. We had the same vision and the same motivation for life goals. When I showed the first sample of Non-Disclosure to Darrius it didn’t even have a name or second verse attached, but in the studio we laid down the song that it is today in one session. We reached out to EBII as soon as the first draft was made as we knew his voice was going to be perfect on the track.  I had a lot of fun recording the song, the energy was amazing and by the final product we were all dancing around the studio. 

Can you talk about the new music video for Non-Disclosure?

Fans can expect an engaging story between two people who end up meeting each other at a corner shop and instantly forming a connection. We then go on to see each character move on with their individual lives only to run into each other later on in the video at a nightclub. 

You will see a lot of fun and excitement. I got to film this video with all of my best friends who I have known for years so the laughter and messing around you see in the video is all real. There were some parts where we didn’t even know the camera was rolling. There was also a shot that we did on the rooftop of a twelve-story car park on the coldest night of the year so you will also see us trying our hardest to not act like we were freezing.  

How do you blend RnB and Afrobeat in your music, and which artists or influences have helped shape your sound?

I would definitely say that there are hints of Afrobeats and R&B music in each other so they definitely came together when I started writing music. 

The artist that influenced me to write my first song was Katrina Stuart. I was listening to one of her songs when I decided to try it myself. My biggest inspiration however is and always will definitely be Rihanna. I was practically raised by her aha, I love her music and the way she presents herself on stage it has always really inspired me. 

What upcoming projects or collaborations should your fans be excited about?

I have a lot of collaborations coming up. I’ve been in touch with a few artists who I am currently working on songs with including Dan Sheriston, another Stockport artist. 

My next single will be dropping later this month called ‘Right Side Up’, which is by far my favourite song out of all that I’ve written. I’ve performed this song only once at my first show and the response from the audience was seriously amazing. When I listen to this song I am very proud of what I have created  and hearing it in person from just an idea in my head is really an amazing feeling. 

I am in the studio every week working on an EP which is expected to drop later this year and more singles I can’t wait for the world to hear. 

Do you ever feel constrained by music as a medium, or do you explore other forms of creative expressions like painting or photography?

I don’t feel constrained by music at all, in fact it does the complete opposite for me, it’s something that I have complete control over, like how the music sounds, the lyrics and the feeling. 

Before I even picked up a pen and began songwriting, music was with me wherever I went, whenever I wasn’t talking I always had my headphones on, I have over 20 playlists and if not from my earphones I always went to music festivals and concerts at every chance I could get. Music is a feeling and it comes however you want it, whether it’s country, rock or R&B. I’ve always been a very creative person, I’ve been acting on stage and screen nearly all my life, and I love making vlogs and taking photos of everything. However If I had to choose, I’d choose music every time.

What do you believe are the key elements that make a song truly great?

I would say the passion and energy you put into a song. The greatest songs I’ve written are definitely those I had the most fun writing, some dancing around the kitchen, some I wrote whilst pretending I was performing on the main stage at Coachella in my bedroom. 

I think when you have deadlines or pressure to write a song it takes the high excitement out of the sound which the listeners can also feel. I also think it’s who you work with, some people just combine energies that really create the song.   

Which artists are currently on your playlist?

At the moment I say on repeat right now are Myles Smith, Dominique Fyke, Tyla and Sabrina Carpenter. My Favourite song today is ‘hi grace’ by Dominique Fyke. 

What has excited you most over the past 12 months in music?

Getting taken out of my comfort zone. Not knowing what is going to happen next is definitely what excites me the most. Since I’ve started songwriting I’ve performed on stage, had my song played on the radio multiple times and had a live interview. I’ve definitely been taken out of my comfort zone this year performing in front of people. 

But I’d say what excites me the most is the people I meet. The atmosphere and energy from the people that come into studio 88 is incredible. The way everyone is there to make music and bring ideas together to create the most amazing songs, I think it’s hard to find people that share the same passion so when you do meet those kinds of people i think that’s very special.