Madebit impresses with her compelling debut album ‘An Alien Among Us’

"I want people to see this body of work as an exploration of new sounds, compelling stories, and sincere emotions"
17 August 2023

Madebit‘s project, intriguingly called An Alien Among Us, deals with this major question: “How do you take the feelings of being an an outsider and and turn them into ways you can connect with other people?”

It really draws on the universal experience to feel like an outsider. The question it poses is quite thought-provoking too: how can we transform these feelings into opportunities for connection with others? It seems like Madebit has something intriguing up her sleeve.

Madebit, is the impressive experimental pop & dance project created by Madelyn Reyes. She’s not just a songwriter, but also an amazing producer.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, she loves mixing synthesizer sounds with global vibes. And let’s not forget those infectious pop hooks and beautifully crafted lyrics that read like pure poetry.

In the summer of 2022, she released the intriguing EP CMYK, and now she is releasing her debut album An Alien Among Us.

A Sound is Born really shows off her talent for creating bright electro-pop dance music. Songs like Space and Sandy Beaches are a testimony of her skills in production.

Tracks like An Ode To those Lead But Do Not Follow, displays her unique skill in experimenting with pop music while still producing catchy tunes with relevant and clever lyrics.

Reyes eloquently explains “I’m really inspired by those crazy butfearless artists who stand at the helm oftheir recordings – those who take on the challenge of writing, producing, and performing an album for the sheer joy of artistic expression. Those that have a burning passion to carry out a specific vision and a desire to prove that they can do it themselves.

Much in the way that a captivating fiction writer can take you on a fantastic journey & transport you into other worlds, I want people to see this body of work as an exploration of new sounds, compelling stories, and sincere emotions that invite people to escape the mundane and immerse themselves in a world of sonic experimentation.

”I hope you enjoy what has been one of the most rewarding & transformative processes that I’ve undertaken as a musician and person, and know that I’ll be the type to continue to hone my craft and still be releasing music 10 years later.”

“This album is just as much about connection as it is about alienation. I hope that people can listen to this record and feel inspired to look at themselves in a new perspective.”

“I’m really inspired by artists that are at the helm of their recordings and write and produce everything themselves. That’s really how I want people to see me – as a producer who builds worlds and invites people into them.”

Madebit is a new name for experimental pop music that is both exciting and fresh.