Maddox Jones releases a powerful song that deals with mental health called ‘We All Need Somebody’

"If this song helps someone to feel better it will have done it’s job!”
3 June 2023

Maddox Jones, hailing from Northampton, released a new tune tackling Mental Health – We All Need Somebody. It’s a really powerful number!

Mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay), and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Miley Cyrus), We All Need Somebody – out now via Radikal Records – sends out a powerful message telling people they have someone to turn to during hard times, especially when it comes to mental health.

Coz we all need somebody Someone to hold onto sometimes Someone to call on somebody To get you through the night sometimes...”

He was motivated to write this song by the students he encountered while doing motivational talks in various schools across the UK since last summer.

Maddox explains: “Written with good friends, the idea came to me after one of my schools visits where I talk about my own mental health struggles with the hope of inspiring people to talk about what’s going on inside. I love the melody, lyrics and production, it’s all come together so well. If this song helps someone to feel better it will have done it’s job!”

With his song, he wants to motivate people to be open and honest about their feelings and share their thoughts with somebody.

With so many people, especially young adults, struggling with mental health issues, the timing couldn’t be better to spread this message.

Last year, Maddox made a big splash on the music scene with his solo project – the Headspace EP. It was critically acclaimed and managed to reach an impressive 4th spot on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart.

Maddox has had a successful career so far, with four Top 40 hits and performances at big events like Reading & Leeds Festival and Glastonbury with The Departure. BBC Introducing tipped him as one of the artists to watch out for in 2022.

Maddox is an ambitious musician with a desire to reach the top of Pop music. He has the drive and versatility necessary to keep up with ever changing trends, evident in his constantly morphing style in each new release.

He has traveled to dozens of schools in the UK, inspiring kids of all ages with his own life story and then entertaining them with some of his songs. He’s been doing this for a while now and it’s amazing to see the impact he’s having on so many young lives.

People’s response was amazing and Maddox Jones picked up thousands of new followers as a result. It’s obvious he’s loving the response he’s getting from youngsters and will keep bringing his school tours to them even throughout summer.