Toronto born Maddie Regent creates pop music with compassion. Her latest single Alright details the transient experience of moving into adulthood and the existential fear of contemplating the future.

Maddie playfully scolds her adolescent self as she tackles the dizzying array of options laid out in front of her. Seeking reassurance from those around her as well as dealing with the endless monologue playing out inside her head, there’s comfort amongst the chaos as she reminds herself – “You’ll make it work somehow”. 

Alright is about the anxiety I feel as a young adult trying to tackle the future”, Maddie explains. “I had just graduated college when I wrote this and I remember feeling like I had to make everything I wanted to happen all at once and that terrified me. People in my life were always saying I’d be okay and that things would work out, and I was just sitting there smiling and nodding while freaking out inside”.

“If you find yourself saying ‘I’m fine’ when you are really going down a rabbit hole of ‘what ifs’ and ‘I don’t knows’ – know that I feel the same way and it’s okay.”

Alright is out now.