By Moni Bell

Maddi Jane’s latest soft pop single Butterfly Effect is giving us chills as the young artist charms with soul, powerful vocals and striking productions.

Butterfly Effect highlights the importance of self-belief and uses velvety vocal melodies fused with delicate piano motifs at its heart. The downtempo track builds into a multi-layered gleaming pop song with exquisite synths delivering an overall empowering and uplifting soundscape.

To accompany the track is a beautiful music video that by the sounds of it, is the definition of a labor of love. After hiking mountains, fixing tech issues and battling 12ft waves in the Pacific Ocean Maddi’s video turned out to be a soft and stunning production with shots between the ocean and the city – a  perfect reflection of the track itself.

Maddi commented on the track, “I usually write songs to process something about my current situation or to communicate how I feel, but this song is different. It’s an experience and a declaration. It’s the effect of artists helping each other, wanting nothing in return other than to make something we believe in. This song is a product of other people pouring into me”. 

With an EP on the way, we are looking forward to seeing what’s next from the inspirational young artist.


Photography by Christian Hill