Lydia Ford drops intriguing and sincere indie-pop song ‘Burning Out’

"I hope that the chorus becomes a sort of anthem that brings people together and encourages them to share their feelings"
8 May 2023

Lydia Ford, a Berlin-based Irish artist, has just dropped the first single Burning Out from her upcoming debut album Faking It which will be released on September 2023. This song is the first tasting of her intriguing indie-pop music offer.

Burning Out is a good example of Lydia Ford‘s sincere and well-thought-out lyrics. You can really dig into her story as a performer and the upcoming album Faking It: You might experience highs and lows, have some doubts, and find it difficult, but in the end, you’ll realize that it’s not that difficult to get what you want.

Working with Sam Stevenson during Berlin’s 2021 lockdown, Ford created the album Faking It that tells her own story of finding her way through life in her 20s. The songs explore topics related to how to get a grip on yourself.

The new tune, Burning Out talks about being completely exhausted and stressed by day-to-day life.

The lyrics tell a story of having to put up a facade in public, while internally, you have the feeling of being an outcast and not knowing what your goal is.

Ford explains: “Despite knowing that the feeling wouldn’t last forever, I felt stuck in this cycle of burnout when writing this song with Matt Attard almost 2 years into the Pandemic. The gang vocals section of the song, where lots of my friends join in and sing the chorus, represents a collective experience of feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. It gives the impression that I’m not alone in their struggle and that others can relate to the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of burnout. I hope that the chorus becomes a sort of anthem that brings people together and encourages them to share their feelings.”

When she was nine years old, Lydia Ford asked for a guitar for Christmas and this is how her musical journey started. Music has always occupied an important place in her life since she was a teenager, hence her presence in many pop-punk groups. After college, she moved to the United States and started working for TV3 back in Ireland, but it was also when her love of music came back to life.

Ford started putting out demos on SoundCloud, and not long after, Hamburg-based deep house duo Steam Phunk contacted her to work together on some tunes.

Lydia Ford‘s Burning Out, is a great song that listeners to Maisie Peters, Fickle Friends and Phoebe Bridgers will certainly love.