LYDIA EVANGELINE Drops Heartbreaking Piano Ballad RAW

By Vasco Dega

Lydia Evangeline has made a real name for herself over the past 18 months. The London based songstress has delivered a string of emotive and heartfelt pop songs, with a real message and deliverance. Her latest offering Raw is no different. Released as a Valentine’s Day breakup special, Lydia crafts her way through this ballad, with effortless grace and delicacy. Her vocals float above the piano line and work in harmony with the keys throughout as she pours her personal anecdote out to the world.

‘I might be ready to talk in a day or a week, or a month or a year’, this line repeats as a kind of symbol of how fragile a relationship can be at times, and as the song builds, so does Evangeline’s range, depicting her love and laying it on the line. It’s an honest and sincere but all the while still beautiful arrangement by this wonderful talent. And with accolades such as BBC Radio 2, VEVO and a multitude of other support, don’t be surprised to see Lydia Evangeline in a town near you once the live scene returns.