With her fascinating roots from the cold north of Scandinavia and the jungle of southeast Asia, intriguing songstress LUHA, shares pure dark dream-pop gladness, via her new track ‘Blue Whale’.

“‘Blue Whale’ – explains LUHA – is inspired and influenced by different cultures and nature. My ancestors and relatives are a fisherfolk living on the oceans for generations. We’ve been feeding and depending on it for so long now and ‘Blue Whale’ is my way to show appreciation of the ocean.” Stay with me
I’ll hold you close forever
I’ll let the tide set us free
Waves are rising higher

I don’t mind, I don’t mind
The deluge
Yes I follow, follow
The blue, blue, blue

Hold my hand
We’re diving down deeper
I know it’s time
Set us free
Breathing underwater

Blue whales singing in my mind