This week just might as well be called Lucia Cadotsch week. This seductive Voo Doo priestess at the helm of modern European jazz not only became a recipient of the prestigious ECHO Jazz Award (CONGRATULATIONS BTW!), but she’s also due to release ‘Speak Low Renditions’, her second full length. Get ready for a breed of Jazz that will turn everything that you think you know about the genre inside out. 

Although the core material was plucked from the classical Jazz canon, it’s been heavily revised and treated to a heavy facelift, courtesy of a host of extremely adventurous and bold producers. Despite being nothing short of a cornucopia of styles, this is a very well curated and balanced record – one that demands to be experienced in its totality. Sonically, the common denominator – outside of Lucia’s smoky, hypnotic voice – is maintained by a contemporary approach to sound treatment, the joy of finding novel rhythmic solutions and the love for all sorts of textural artefacts.

Speak Low Renditions will be released this Friday, courtesy of  enja / yellowbird records and will be available as a very beautiful, glittery cassette tape. We recommend that you get yours immediately, as they’re bound to sell out (it’s a very limited run). For those of you who are based in Berlin or quick to book flight tickets for weekend excursions, we highly suggest to make it out to the Berlin on the 26th of May for the record release party.

This will take place at Kantine am Berghain, the concert venue of the legendary Berghain club Berghain club.

The Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low trio will be joined on stage by all fellow affiliates and musical soulmates who took part in the Renditions project. Word is getting around that this will be one massive improvisation session! To wet your palates we offer you the Evelinn Trouble version of Slow Hot Wind which, to our ears, is nothing short of a hit. 


Photos by Michael Jungblut