Lowla1Heavily influenced by all things 90s, Levis denim aficionados, London-based exciting duo Lowla, have released a fetching 90s-esque video for their forthcoming single ‘Reckless’, due out on March 31st 2016 via DIY.

Hello Lowla – please introduce yourselves!

Hi, we’re Lo and Lara. We’re two songwriters from London, creating pop music infused with hip hop, electronic sounds and 90s denim.

If you had to compare yourself to any other bands or artists out there right now, who would those be and why?

That’s a difficult question to answer and you’d be better answering it for us. We’re trying to create something new, taking old influences, like the Spice Girls or Jurassic 5, and putting our spin on it.

Your single ‘Reckless’ is about a break-up – can you tell us a little more? Was it a particularly break up? We want all the juicy details!

We’ve had our hearts broken many times and there comes a point when you’ve got to just do you and get over it. We’re not sure if we’re allowed to tell you this, but one of our friend (sorry J.) was so heartbroken over his girlfriend sleeping with his dad, he covered her car in double sided tape and glitter. Ironically, she liked her new ride.Lowla2Do you have any other singles planned after this release?

Yes. Tons.

You look like you’ve stepped out of an episode of Saved By The Bell – very 90s! What’s the most 90s thing you’ve ever done / worn?

Lara usually wears triple denim. Sometimes quadruple denim, when she adds the denim trainers. On those days, I won’t be seen with her 🙂 (I wonder if she wears denim underwear.)

Why the love of the 90s and not any other era?

We grew up with all things 90s and so it’s natural for us to tap into some of these important childhood references.

If you could go back in time and support any bands pre 2000, who would it be and why?

Probably Madonna, because she would be a great mentor.

What makes your music different from the other pop acts out there at the moment?

For us, that’s difficult to judge, but we do think it’s a real mash-up of our influences, modern pop, hip hop, electronic as well as visual elements.

If the band had a motto what would it be?

Do It Yourself!

Finally, tell us a secret about yourselves.

We’ve got incredibly weak bladders.