LOVESBLIND’s ‘levitate’ has the power to convert any new listener into a loyal fan

"It was written about those who didn't give you the time of day until you "made something" of yourself"
14th January 2023

Originating from Iowa, USA, LOVESBLIND is an alternative rock band that draws its musical inspirations from all elements of life.

The five-piece’s new track called levitate with its captivating hooks, has the power to convert any new listener into a loyal fan. LOVESBLIND have taken from the works of pioneering musicians in genres like new-wave punk and alternative hip-hop to craft their exciting new sound.

The band explains: “‘levitate’ was written about those who didn’t give you the time of day until you “made something” of yourself, and how then those people want to act like you were friends all along. A great example is when someone wants nothing to do with you in high school, sees how well you’re doing 5 years later and wants to “get back in touch”. The song is a glorified middle finger to all of those people.”

‘levitate’ was originally intended as a live intro for an entirely separate song. Appreciating the production’s tasteful verses, the accompaniment highlights the band’s choruses in a beautiful manner.

Showcasing their ability to produce sonic content in their home studio, they are demonstrating a great deal of creativity and technical expertise. With their energized alt-pop punk sound, this latest release marks the beginning of a journey to bridge the chasm between hip-hop and other genres.

LOVESBLIND’s sound pays tribute to classic rock bands such as Slaves and Waterparks, the band is also influenced by current melodic artists like Oliver Francis, Chase Atlantic, Sueco, nothing, nowhere., and iamjakehill.

‘levitate’ follows up 2022’s equally engaging track Ghost featuring rising pop star Kaiyko. LOVESBLIND‘s latest single is sure to find a place in your heart and make its way into your playlist this year. It’s definitely an exciting one to keep an eye on!

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Photo by Bleak Visuals