LOVERPARK1Hailing from Brighton and now based in London, Lovepark – Aramis, Hass, Kam, George – release their debut E.P ‘21/12’ through Snaketown Records on 26th May. The band met at their local skate-park, taking their name from the iconic Philly skate spot.

Ahead of their dual E.P launch shows in London’s Shacklewell Arms (29th May) and Brighton’s Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar (30th May), Lovepark talk about skateboarding in London, palindromic aspects, musketeers and making killer brownies…

So now you are based in London…do you miss Brighton?

Well we actually lived in a place called Burgess Hill which is near to Brighton, and London is a tad more exciting than that place. But yeah, we did spend a lot of time in Brighton and it is a lovely city. Looking forward to going back down for our Great Escape shows in May.

You met at your local skate-park…do you find time to skate in London?

George and Hass are the ones who skate most regularly. Hass enjoyed a s session at the HTC park that’s up in Central recently. Rest of us sort of let our shit (backlip) slide in that department

Can you introduce your debut E.P ‘21/12’? Why that title?

Well the basic instrumental demo of the title track was put up on our private soundcloud on that date in 2012. It was entitled 21/12 when Hass uploaded it, so we just stuck with it. We quite liked the palindromic aspect too and managed to make quite good use of it in the artwork for the EP.

What were your influences whilst writing the EP?

We all listen to a huge variety of music and all write together, so the subconscious pool of influences was probably pretty big. We just wanted to make melodic guitar jams with a gangsta lean I suppose.

Tell us 5 things we should know about Lovepark.

George’s middle name is NO RULES.
Hass’ Nan makes a killer brownie.
Aramis is named after the musketeer not the fragrance.
I (Kamran) used to be in the church choir, but mostly mimed.

You are heading out to The Great Escape, Field Day, Liverpool Soundcity + Archie Bronson Outfit in Europe…Tell us why we should be there


Q&A by Fabrizio Belluschi ©

Live Dates:
3rd May – Liverpool Sound City – East village Arts Club
4th May – Handmade Festival, Leicester – Cookie
7th May – The Great Escape, Brighton – Spiegel Tent
9th May – The Great Escape, Brighton – Queen’s Hotel
10th May – The Great Escape, Brighton – Audio Underground
29th May – London – The Shacklewell Arms *E.P Launch Show
30th May – Brighton – Sticky Mike’s *E.P Launch Show
5th June – TERMM Conference, Amiens France – La Lune Des Pirates
7th June – Lille – Le grand Mix w/ Archie Bronson Outfit
8th June – Field Day, London