love master1Girls and boys just love chat up lines. How about this one…“I’ve got a bed that’s specially designed for shagging in my flat. Would you like to see it?”

We can explain…When it comes down to improving the sex lives of suffering couples everywhere, only one company could gone through all the trials and tribulations imaginable to test out the perfect mattress for sex: Love Master.lovemaster1Love Master’s researchers deduced that the mattress material is crucial to making or breaking that getting jiggy experience, with latex material faring best in the company’s rigorous tests. The reason being, as the Love Master’s testers noted, that latex offers enough ‘give’ that lovers can be both comfortable and switch positions easily, making way for an overall more exciting sexual experience.

A multitude of different mattress materials – air, memory foam, water, latex and sprung – were tested on the following factors:
High activity threshold
Ease of positional changes

Here are some of the comments from Love Master mattress’ users:
“The nurses at my retirement home all had a right laugh when I had my Lovemaster mattress installed in my room…I’d have to give the Lovemaster ten out of ten. I think it’s a really excellent product and it’s certainly helped to spice up my love life!”
Jeanne, 76 from Sheffield

“Thanks, Lovemaster. You’ve given me the opportunity to expand my debauched operations and spread a little happiness (and hopefully nothing more fertility-or-life-endangering than that!) to even more of the fine women of Glasgow. One night stands will never be the same!”
Jack, 36, from Glasgow

“I can honestly say that my Lovemaster is the best present my husband has ever bought me. And my husband has bought me a lot of presents. Diamonds. Pearls…”
Julie, 40, Welwyn Garden City

“LoveMaster may just have proven to be one of the wisest investments I’ve ever made. I’m already saving a fortune on furniture bills – no more weekly trips to Ikea and blue cross days for the rag-and-bone men! More importantly, this investment has well and truly put fat on the bones of my lovelife, in every possible sense. For that, LoveMaster, I cannot thank you enough…”
Mark, 27, Winchester

That’s not all…Love Master are now looking for testers. So if you want to be one of them, sign up at