Love Ghost’s ascension continues with latest track ‘DOPEMAN’ x Camidoh x DJ Switch Ghana

"It’s an earnest message with an easy rhythm. The collaboration between these artists is seamless"
1 December 2023

“I am a Dope Man / this is how we cope, man”

By Ella Gaynor

Love Ghost is back with new track DOPEMAN, and we are here for it. Love Ghost is no stranger to a collaborative track, constantly mixing it up to with a wide range of producers. DOPEMAN was recorded with BET International Entertainer of the Year nominee and Afrobeat artist Camidoh and Global Prodigy Award winner DJ Switch Ghana.

DOPEMAN is the perfect blend of the three artists’ sensibilities: the Afrobeat vibes of Camidoh’s chart-topping Sugarcane and Love Ghost’s dark, alternative vibes, infused and charged with the energy of DJ Switch’s freestyles.

DOPEMAN starts slow and steady, ‘my spirit can’t be broken’, guitar and vocals stand-alone. The track builds expertly, blending summery afro beats over the simple guitar chords, raising the energy. It’s an earnest message with an easy rhythm. The collaboration between these artists is seamless. The chorus, later on in the track, is reinforced by a crowd of young voices shouting along, giving the track that energy of a live performance that you feel running through you on listening. The new track comes with a dance challenge that is sure to sweep the globe – check it out on the group’s TikTok (@loveghost_official).

Just like their DOPEMAN collaborators, Love Ghost comes with a stream of noteworthy accolades in tow. Playing shows in major cities across the world, from Mexico to Germany, Love Ghost have come further than any new musician might dream of, in a relatively short space of time. Love Ghost founder Finnegan Bell picked up a guitar at the age of eight, and their long-term musical prowess is evident in this relatively young ensemble. Their music is equally informed by Seattle tradition and Soundcloud-era fearlessness.

Stream DOPEMAN now on Spotify, follow the artists on their socials (@loveghost_official , @camidoh , @djswitchghana ). With Love Ghost’s star-rise set to continue, keep an eye on this group’s every move!

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