Lovataraxx drops new single ‘Träumen’

Träumen, translating to "dreams" in German, serves as a contemplative journey into the essence of introspection and the quest for personal space amidst the cacophony of societal expectations
15 March 2024
Photo by Tanguy Quézo

A pensive dive into the psyche from their upcoming album ‘Sophomore’

French duo Lovataraxx shares a tasty slice of their cold wave and minimal synth offering with the release of  Träumen, the second cut from their eagerly awaited album, Sophomore. Set to drop on April 5th via Cold Transmission Music, the album promises to be a significant addition to the band’s discography, available on LP, CD, and all digital platforms. 

Träumen, translating to “dreams” in German, serves as a contemplative journey into the essence of introspection and the quest for personal space amidst the cacophony of societal expectations. Drawing inspiration from Noah Baumbach’s film Weisses Rauschen (White Noise), which explores the complexities of schizophrenia, the track delves into the dichotomy of our public and private personas and the challenge of maintaining authenticity in a world saturated with appearances.

Photo by Tanguy Quézo

At its core, Träumen advocates for the right to disconnect, to turn inwards without the pressures of external voices that compel us to act against our will. It’s a call to embrace solitude and darkness as a means to enjoy the liberty of being true to oneself.

Beyond the single, Sophomore as a whole is shaped by its creation in the intimate setting of Lovataraxx’s attic, later taking final form in the Tropicalax Studio in Saint-Étienne. The album poses critical questions regarding the future we envisage for the coming generations and the dialogue we wish to establish with them. It reflects on the role of youth in shaping the world of tomorrow, emphasizing the need for genuine communication and the tools we pass down to them.

The opening track Heidi Montauk sets the tone with a post-punk flair, encapsulated within the echoes of siren calls, exploring the internal conflict between wisdom and folly. The essence of Sophomore is a narrative of youthful defiance, a refusal of emergency measures and superficial actions in favor of thoughtful reflection and independence.

The track Tilda Vaast leans into electronic sounds, urging the disenchanted to break free from cynicism and find their voice. The album culminates with Bruxism (Fire), a piece that symbolizes the transfer of generational knowledge, frequently brought to life on stage by Lovataraxx.

Sophomore showcases Lovataraxx’s progression, blending synthetic tunes with 80s and 90s horror and sci-fi vibes. It’s an ethereal, modern, and intimate album poised to captivate a broad audience.



Lovataraxx is set to embark on a European tour from April through July, bringing their new album to life on stage. Make sure to catch their live performances:

April 12 — Lyon, FR — Grrrnd Zero (Release Party)

April 13 — Nevers, FR — No Way Asso

April 14 — Amiens, FR — L’accueil Froid

April 15 — Dunquerke, FR — TBA

April 16 — Calais, FR — No Way Out

April 17 — Lille, FR — La Malterie

April 18 — Delft, NL — De Koornbeurs

April 19 — Dordrecht, NL — Door

April 20 — Bruxelles, BE — Magasin 4

April 22 — Hamburg, DE — Hafenklang

April 25 — Hannover, DE — Subkultur

April 26 — Leipzig, DE — Gieszer Fest

April 27 — Frankfurt, DE — ONO2 (Release Party Cold Transmission)

May 10 — Paris, FR — La Mécanique Ondulatoire

May 17 — Torino, IT — Radio Black Out

May 18 — Roma, IT — Fanfulla

June 1 — Orléans, FR — l’Astrolabe

July 6 — Gent, BE — Kinky Star

July 13 — Munich, DE — Katzenclub