‘Lose My Head’: unpredictable, unapologetic – dive into the world of montykeates

"It’s hard to keep it friendly when you’re so attracted to each other"
1 December 2023

In the realm of his second single, Lose My Head, montykeates persistently challenges categorization, further establishing himself as a genre-fluid provocateur who vehemently rejects musical predictability. Spanning from the electrifying fervor of hyper-pop to the unbridled intensity of alt-rock, the montykeates experience captivates with its inherent unpredictability and enthralling allure.

META, recognizing his exceptional talent, crowned montykeates as one of their ‘NEXT GEN’ artists for 2024. This accolade, coupled with an invitation to join raucous rock risers South Arcade on a UK-wide tour, set the stage for montykeates to make a resounding impact.

montykeates’ debut single, “PANIC!,​ defined his self-coined genre, ‘hyper-rock.’ The track showcased a fearless blend of vulnerability and power, a testament to montykeates’ metamorphic artistry. “As an artist, I get to be all the things I felt I couldn’t be,” he shares. “Through my artistry, I have learned I deserve to be heard.”

Closing off a thrilling entry into the music scene, Lose My Head homes in on piercing vocals set against a venomous guitar-fused beat. An antidote to temptation and the relentless grip of fervent attraction, the single transforms into a dance-ready anthem with an explosive D’N’B beat. It’s a sonic journey that seamlessly appeals to both rock enthusiasts and late-night dancers.

Explaining the inspiration behind Lose My Head, montykeates reflects, “It’s hard to keep it friendly when you’re so attracted to each other, and for me writing this song reminded me of how it felt to fight that temptation knowing it isn’t right for me.”

montykeates’ musical compositions serve as mirrors to personal battles, resonating with kindred souls navigating similar challenges. His distinctive sonic signature, coupled with unfiltered authenticity, aims to captivate listeners and offer a shared experience of vulnerability and resilience.

As a person, montykeates is nuanced—reticent yet profoundly compassionate, using humor as a defense. Through his music, he sheds protective masks, embracing the full spectrum of emotions in a transformative journey toward self-discovery and healing.

To celebrate the release of Lose My Head, montykeates hosted a sold-out exclusive pre-listen party at 93 Feet East, setting the stage for a new chapter in his sonic exploration.


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