ZALANDO2Many young people get their fashion inspiration from musicians, actors and models who frequently appear on diverse media platforms.
At the beginning of the year, events like the Golden Globe Awards or the Oscars gave the superstars the opportunity of showing off their taste in fashion and their individuality.

Many of the dresses, suits and accessories worn by the celebrities come from the famous and expensive fashion labels that set the trends for the upcoming seasons.

So basically that is why award nights are a good source of inspiration for young people who are looking for a fancy party outfit or a new look.

What’s on in 2013?
Taking a look at these year’s award nights, they clearly show a direction with regard to female fashion.

It is striking that many of the young women were wearing long and skintight outfits, which sometimes expanded from the knee downwards.

This cut lengthens the body, underlines the female features and is also easy to handle while walking, (which is different to Jennifer Lawrence’s famous fall).

The Golden Globes 2013 were beautified by Anne Hathaway’s minimalist Chanel dress with textured fabric for some variety.

Jessica Alba’s yet again pulled her gown off effortlessly with a peach-colored, feminine Oscar de la Renta dress. ZALANDO3Both are fitted and leave more room towards the knees and ankles.

The red carpet of the Oscars 2013 have also shown a similar trend with award- winning Adele’s sparkling and black long grown, memorable of the sixties as well as Jessica Chastain’s Armani dream dress in a soft creamy rose hue.adele oscars In short, there are many sources for women to draw inspiration from for the next dinner party or an upcoming prom night.

Fashion reaches everyone
Since the fashion ideas are coming from highly-valued labels and designers that penetrate the market time after time, everyone can sooner or later get the “superstar look” in the shops.

Additionally, thecoolest styles can be ordered online as well to prepare for the perfect party. The chic evening dresses at Zalando are the first step towards one’s desired look and make every girl a prom queen.