Londoners THE MICRODANCE Release Their New album

The Microdance, described by Vice Magazine as ‘a heady confection of epic alternative rock, shoegaze, new wave with the occasional dose of tasteful metal – the most exciting alt rock in a decade’ are back with the follow-up to their unanimously acclaimed New Waves of Hope, the ominously titled Our Love Noire.

First up though, we have a single: the driving Lovesick Kisses an alternative rock song with shades of shoegaze, but typical to TMD’s protean nature, this is shoegaze with a twist: shoegaze with bite. The drums are propulsive, the guitars fuzzy, the bass gloopy and soaked in chorus and the vocals, while sensitive – given their subject matter – are propelled with just enough attitude to take this song into the genre crossing territory we’ve come to expect from The Microdance: Think Peter Hook meets Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins. 

Frontman, Alex Keevill had this to say about Lovesick Kisses… “For us, it’s a pop song, I mean it has three choruses! I wanted to blend the delicacy of so much of the textured music that I love with some vigour and bite. I don’t like my songs to lean on one aesthetic. I want people to enjoy the song more than five times.

So, what can we expect from Our Love Noire’? It’s a journey, the sounds of a band successfully pursuing a quickening blend of elements from a diverse platter of alternative music. Keevill describes it as a ‘mixtape’ – it gets super heavy in places (there are even shades of black metal in the monstrous, seven minute Get Darker), it’s super fragile in others, it’s an album filled with rich layers and even at its heaviest moments, is beautiful throughout.  OLN was recorded in many different studios with several engineers and co-producers over a four year period – hence the mixtape tag. This approach was engendered by the anomalous circumstances (Keevill: ‘the less said about that, the better’) that led to the band’s split in 2016.

One thing is for sure, Our Love Noire, like New Waves of Hope is up there with the most exciting alt rock for a decade…