London Via Germany Alt-Pop Songwriter JYLDA Shares Unique New Single JEOPARDY

Fitting nicely into the mould of a new FKA Twigs or Banks, London songwriter JYLDA proves with Jeopardy she has the songwriting and production nouse to compete with the best in the electronic-pop scene. 

JYLDA (real name Gianna Gehlhar) has been traveling Europe experiencing different musical cultures to build her own unique sound. Growing up in Germany, she’s spent periods of her life living in California and now resides in London, where she’s curated a spellbinding live show. She launched her project with the 2019 EP twitch, an effervescent collection of experimental-pop tracks. She’s also known for her outstanding visual accompaniments, helping to direct and create stunning videos for her work. 

The new single Jeopardy, showcases everything JYLDA is about. It’s a track that keeps us guessing throughout, using leftfield percussion and discordant synth sounds. It’s a track that feels so close to not working yet, all comes together as a genuinely special composition. 

“Jeopardy is a hymn to danger. Can you still take risks now, can you still dare, be bold and think big? While stepping back from our old life, we can change and unapologetically express ourselves. This song is a call for audacity — in life, in love and in creativity.”


Photos by Sophia Payne