London Duo Sabatta Unleash ‘Misfit Music’

London duo Sabatta are ready to unleash their explosive sonic amalgamate, made of fresh rock, punk, funk, metal, soul and psychedelic vibes, with the release of sophomore album ‘Misfit Music’, out on 4th June via Blackfriars Entertainment.

Hi Sabatta how are you today?

Great! Been jammin. Eating Sour patch and drinking Nigerian Guinness!

What inspired you to pursue a career in music, did you always want to become musicians?

Yinka – I wanted to be a fine artist at first. Then I thought there’s no money it LOL! Music came rapidly after that. But actually, I’ve been playing guitar since 7, so it’s kind of neck and neck. To be fair since I was a child I had music in my head so I guess it was inevitable.

Debbie – I saw ‘Westway to the World’ with Paul Simonon from the Clash – he was a an artist but he said he couldn’t be confined in a room doing his art – he wanted to get out there and that inspired me.

Tell us about your forthcoming album ‘Misfit Music’.

Debbie – It’s a definition of ourselves,. What you see is not what you get – we won’t be pigeon holed or confined to the general visual consensus. It’s brutally honest…unapologetically so!

Yinka – The album cover depicts a lot of what’s going on. In a sense we are the literal black sheep in the rock world but really in any musical world. Also, it’s meant to be an arm reaching out to other people because we are all misfits really. Most of us just try to fit in and to get along, which is a natural urge, but we’re not afraid to be different, we’re embracing it. But as Debbie says we’re also kind of the unexpected – at shows some people have thought we were going to play jazz before we hit the stage and were, in their own words, blown away. We’re the wildcard!

When writing the album what was the writing process like and how did it develop between the members of the band?

Yinka – Ok So I write songs BUT it’s very important to understand that this album was born in hot sweaty rooms mainly 2017. In North and South London. At parties between the rehearsal ,and at gigs between those. It’s the literal result of pretty much living with each other, rehearsing every other day, gigging and drinking, laughing and fighting. That’s why it’s so brutal and so honest. It’s also recorded that way with all of us in the studio going for it. Like albums are meant to be.

What are the themes contained within ‘Misfit Music’?

Debbie – It’s a combustion of emotions from love to loss to extreme frustration.

Yinka – It’s manifold. It’s board. So, ‘Rock Star Shit’ is like a living diary of the struggling artist – of what it’s like to be a musician in London – it’s the real deal. ‘Innocence’ is dealing with the hypocrisy of people when dealing with tragedies in the news, we’re all kind of guilty. While ‘Feel It Topo’ is like modern day love – with everything being on the internet.

As a band who is ingrained within the London circuit, were you inspired by your local music scene when you first started making music?

Yinka – Inspired maybe isn’t the right term. I think with London being such an open place to find gigs it has nurtured our music making. That might be a better way to put – for us anyway.

Are there any bands from your local scene you would recommend to our readers?

Dead Cuts, Elephant 12

If you could play for any band, past or present who would that be and why?

Well right it’d be awesome to support Jack White – he’s doing something similar without being totally hooked in one genre yet still based in rock. Queens Of The Stone Age too.

What can audiences expect from a Sabatta live show?

Yinka – Energy, unrestrained energy. Something they haven’t seen before. Absolute WTF moments!
Debbie – Intimacy – so if you’re lacking, come down.

What can we expect from Sabatta throughout the rest of 2018?

The album ‘Misfit Music’ drops Monday June 4th. We have album pre release party at The Finsbury in Manor House London on Saturday May 26th. There are limited FREE tickets available at
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By Frank Bell ©FM