London-Based Duo LOLA WILD Share SAND

It’s a Dark & Brooding Indie Anthem

By Vee D

Classing themselves as ‘Avant-Pop’, London duo Lola Wild have a truly unique take on indie with a noir and haunting feel to it. Formed by songwriting duo George Godfrey and Sian Barnett, the new single by Lola Wild has elements of blues, pop, shoegaze and alternative coursing throughout. It’s a hazy piece of alt-indie that shows a musical competence far beyond the duo’s years. 

The duo describe their sound as the likely product of ‘Beach House hanging out with Tarantino’. Recorded in East London’s Soup Studios. They’ve managed to create a truly unique sound, with hazy production that references years gone by, with a modern twist. 

Sand is inspired by themes of Mrs Dalloway, a novel by Virginia Woolf. Leaping between past and present, thoughts of past loves and losses, and reminiscing on what she could have had, now that she is an older woman”.