Photographer, Teacher and author Kevin Meredith aka lomokev presents a new campaign for 02 GURU: “I recently spent the weekend with a film crew from O2’s Guru YouTube channel. They are making a set of films about different creative people and how mobile technology fits into there life.
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I am the second person they shot, the first was trainer designer / customizer Daniel Reese, check out his film here. They filmed me as I documented an average weekend in Brighton which culminating in me putting up a photo montage on a beach hut. If what goes on on the video looks fun to you, you might want to check out one of my weekend photography courses so you can join the fun.”lomokev reveals: “I am not what most people would consider to be an average photographer. Armed with a selection of compact film cameras, I never leave home without one and I am always ready to capture anything that happens around me. I always have on going projects which I am always adding whether it be my photographs of Brighton swimming club, montage portraits or Festival Wellies.In October 2008 my first solo book Hot Shots was released in the UK, it sold out its UK and US print runs in under a year. It is an instructional book for everyday people and is intended to help them sex up their photography, without being too bogged down in technical jargon.”

O2 has created the competition where you can subscribe to O2’s youtube channel, share the best photo you’ve taken with Instagram and explain why you took it. The 10 most creative answers will win a signed copy of one of Lomokev’s books.
Entries close on 31st October 2012.

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