lolo1Check out the video for ‘Year Round Summer of Love’ (out now via Spilt Milk Records Limited), by LOLO…This 25 year old Memphis born, Brooklyn based, artist’s with astoundingly gutsy, soulful voice.

“As movies move from 24 to 48 frames per second, we wanted to do something completely opposite and make a video at 6 fps. With close to 30,000 photos shot and sorted through, we settled on the best 1,350 to be used in the video. We shot at Coney Island’s famous amusement parks during it’s off-season shut down, an abandoned Coney Island beach, and one of LOLO’s favorite Brooklyn studios — Shabby Road…”

The track was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by legendary hip hop knob twiddler Mark Batson (Dr Dre, Eminem, Jay Z) who has produced the bulk of Lolo’s forthcoming debut album ‘”Weapon For Saturday’”.

LOLO’s first London show’s take place Mon 18th Nov @ I Luv Live (Queen of Hoxton) and Tuesday 19th @ Birthdays.Lolo