Lolasister | David Foster Wallace Fans Beware!

Lolasister’s ‘Infinite Jest’ EP is finally out! If you don’t know who David Foster Wallace is, or maybe you do, but you somehow slept on his writing – may this Soul-Folk-Jazz oddity be your gateway into his world. Be warned though, both Lolasister’s music and Mr. Wallace’s writing will demand a generous slice of your time. But as much as they will rob you of your precious waking hours, they will without a doubt, also change your relationship to words and writing; and in Lolasister’s case, possibly to sound, as well.

Lolasister is the perfect soundtrack for those who love the singer-songwriter section at their local record store and believe (and rightfully so) that there is still ample room to redefine and upgrade this genre. I hear some Billie Holiday here and a bit of the Jazz fuelled courage and instrumental adventurousness of a Joni Mitchell (mainly in the arrangements). I don’t know why, but at times something in these songs made me also think of a more earthy, stripped down Coco Rosie with a hint of an earlier incarnation of Bon Iver. But these are just mere associations and quite inaccurate at that, because Lolalister really have something unique going on. I could imagine that in a few record’s time. reviewers like myself, will be referencing them, while trying to give their readers an idea of what some newcomer kinda sounds like.

Lolasister’s ‘Infinite Jest’ is out on Irascible Records. If you like what you hear, go back and check out our interview with bandleader Leoni Altherr, which we published a couple of weeks back. REWIND!