Logan Alexandra’s latest song ‘Wait…’ is a captivating blend of bedroom pop and Indie delight

"Sometimes we make ourselves believe we are unloveable. So much so that we can't see the love right in front of us"
3 October 2023

Prepare to be entranced as 24-year-old indie/bedroom pop sensation Logan Alexandra unveils her latest musical gem, Wait…

This rising star from the US has already left an indelible mark with her viral mashups and parody choir videos, including one that garnered a staggering 29 million views on YouTube. Audiences are drawn to her music, characterized by genuine, relatable lyrics and infectious melodies that resonate on a deep level. Wait… comes with an fittingly lush video directed by Jeffrey Prosser.

Wait… is a delightful addition to Logan Alexandra‘s already impressive offering, weaving together elements of pop, indie pop, and bedroom pop to create a sonic tapestry that explores themes of love and self-discovery. The track’s lyrics delve into the humorous struggle of comprehending someone’s love for you despite ample evidence of their affection.

In an intimate reflection on the song, Logan Alexandra shares, “Sometimes we make ourselves believe we are unloveable. So much so that we can’t see the love right in front of us. That’s what this song is about—the internal battle of allowing yourself to be loved.”

Keep an eye out for Logan Alexandra as she continues to make her mark in the ever-shifting world of indie-pop music.

Photos: Sarai Kelley