Lo Lauren’s ‘No Good In Goodbye’ single & ‘Wonderlust’ EP shake hearts and boundaries

"It's a melodramatic reminder that no matter what the situation, goodbye is always gonna hurt (at least at first)"
5 April 2024

Lo Lauren, the British pop innovator, presents her latest breakup anthem, No Good In Goodbye, after releasing Monster in the winter. This marks her fourth single, showcasing her ongoing commitment to empowering listeners through themes of self-worth and vulnerability. Starting off 2024 with a bang, No Good In Goodbye dives deep into the painful realities of heartbreak, yet infuses the experience with an uplifting energy and personal growth.

Collaborating with andysocialclub on production and Jeremy Wheatley on mixing, known for his work with industry giants like Taylor Swift and Sia, No Good In Goodbye delves into the complexities of ending a relationship.

Lo Lauren’s candid exploration of heartache resonates with authenticity, inviting listeners to connect on a deeper level. The accompanying music video, shot in London by Sam Sure, features a vintage Alfa Romeo and Lo’s mother’s wedding dress, adding visual depth to the emotional narrative.

Reflecting on the track’s meaning, Lo Lauren shares, ”Breaking up with someone is never easy, but it’s a real smack in the face when it turns out to ache a lot more than you thought it would. No Good in Goodbye is a melodramatic reminder that no matter what the situation, goodbye is always gonna hurt (at least at first). Head banging for the pop girlies, while we question “hang on, I was supposed to be fine?!!!”

Discussing the music video’s direction, Lo Lauren explains her vision of capturing the angsty, tumultuous period following a breakup: “I wanted this video to be an outpour of melodrama, exploring that angsty, inconsolable period of time post-breakup, where you are doubting every decision you ever made. I had this image in my head of me wearing a wedding dress and luckily my mum had hers which worked perfectly to portray this runaway bride idea – which really is just a metaphor for leaving someone that potentially could’ve been your forever.”

The imagery of a runaway bride symbolizes the act of leaving behind a relationship that once held promises of forever. Scheduled to feature on her upcoming Wonderlust EP, Lo Lauren’s project promises to explore the complexities of life through the lens of a young woman in her twenties.

With nearly 500,000 streams from just three releases and support from Spotify’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, as well as BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing Kent, Lo Lauren’s rise in the British pop scene is undeniable.

Described as “Kent’s answer to Katy Perry” she is set to headline sold-out shows and perform at The Hundred in front of 25,000 people for BBC Introducing, marking 2024 as a triumphant year ahead