LO Inspires Sonic Journey With Next Album NIGHT OWLS

By H Writes

Delivering his second album to Absent Mind this week as the result of many months of hard work and creativity is LO. He has just shared Night Owls with the world, a chance for fans to catch both singles BLU and LOST IN A DREAM alongside plenty of fresh material. 

With support for his work spanning the past five years as well as releases on labels including Mixmash, Loveless and Majestic Casual, LO’s sound is one of deep expression and expansive melodies. He is able to move seamlessly through moments of pop, electronica, R&B and down-tempo, looping in distinctive auto-tuned vocals amidst dreamy instrumental soundscapes. 

On completing this project, he says: Night Owls is my second full length album. With the first written song of this body of work dating back to the beginning of 2018, it’s taken quite a long period of time to get to this point. I Feel that the album’s quality in terms of songwriting and sound design really benefits from this. Written and worked on strictly after dawn, it shows a darker, more melancholic side of LO.“