Born in Washington DC and now Western Massachusetts based lo-fi bedroom pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist UNSTABILE has returned with a brand new EP titled GLIMMERS. In the past two years they have been perfectioning their cozy soundscape with spontaneous and intimate home-recorded tracks. Their 2018 debut album Steep and their next year’s project A Drop In The Stream proclaim their unique dexterities to deliver graceful harmonies that flow in blissful textures alongside with vulnerable songwriting that is represented directly by delicate and ethereal vocal performance. Glimmers is a finely crafted experimental 8-track project that would be appreciated by Blood Orange, Infinite Bisous, (Sandy) Alex G, Soccer Mommy and Frankie Cosmos fans.

Speaking about their inspiration for the Glimmers EP, UNSTABILE says, “the music I made in and around the process of ‘Glimmers’ was akin to the grounding nature of a candle, even as it flickers in the dark. I felt conscious of making something that was concise, and I was also trying to hold a little hope up to sorrow, in an honest way. It was recorded, for the most part, towards the end of fall and during the winter here in western Massachusetts. On many days, there was no sunshine. The color(s) that I found on this project amidst the cold and grey, became that much more important to me, just as did the rare sunny day. This ‘Glimmer’ project is another step in my process of self- acceptance, and growing with the light in difficult feelings”.

UNSTABILE invites the listeners to an irresistible ongoing experience through their Glimmers EP from start to finish. In the opening track ‘Falling’ they unveil their feelings on getting intruded by bleak thoughts, while “trying not to lose myself to those pulls” in a fluid bass guitar background. Later, the subtle piano led  ‘I Am (Before I Think)’ showcases the power of our thoughts on our everyday life even if our existence comes before them. Captivating melodies and dreamy backdrops come with the EP’s lead single On My Way which is followed by the only instrumental piece Sun Dust. UNSTABILE is getting quite personal in his emotional offering Closet, which effortlessly paves the way to the elegant closing 11:11 (Bath Music). Each one of the parts contributes to declare Glimmers one of 2020 best best bedroom projects.