By Vasco Dega

Hailing from Amman, Jordan, Llunr has been infusing real life experiences into captivating pop tinged melodies that offer interpersonal narratives. 

young river is a compilation of delicate piano notes and astral guitar lines, the resulting soundscape creating a sense of dreamlike euphoria. The coming together of the instrumentation allows Llunr’s voice to shine through as his soothing vocals dictate a story of introspection and connection with the universe. 

Offering an explanation about the song’s meaning, Llunr says, “a self reflective moment thinking about our lives and journey’s while staring at the universe… The song is about those journeys and how young they are compared to the vast and ancient milky way.” 

Llunr’s music is a culmination of his every waking thought and feeling, an exhibition of his raw talent. Having always found a personal connection to music, Llunr sees music as a form of catharsis. 

young river is a harmonious coming together of melody and lyricism and showcases the artist’s potential to its fullest.