LL 5The enigmatically intriguing, multitalented artist, LL (Laura-Louise), releases her debut EP ‘Cocoon’ pt.1, and immaculate collection of darkly sultry, futuristic-pop gems.

LL comments: “I actually raised 5 butterflies in September of 2015 so I could really watch this beautiful process and get inspired by it – when I released them I was kinda overwhelmed at the whole process…Knowing they would just live long enough to fly around a bit and lay some eggs and then die…Poetic tragedy”…Here’s her self-directed video for standout track ’S A L T’, featuring Jamal K. Crawford.

LL explains: “When we think of pain, we often associate it to the negative, heart break etc. but for the destructive, broken soul, there’s actually a different kind of pain in healing and being loved. There’s a beautiful conflict here. ’S A L T’ is the natural metaphor to express this – it’s used to clean and heal wounds but it hurts. It’s raw, just like the track and there’s room to play with a concept like this and explore much deeper connotations…Like when a destructive soul comes into the light, it can sometimes push away things that are beneficial. That’s a relatable notion to me and where the next layer comes in…Choose the light or stay in the darkness”.LL