lizzo1Remarkably talented rapper, singer & social activist Lizzo, unveils this stylishly colourful video for ‘Humanize’, a luscious track about “internal struggle to accept intimacy”, lifted from her impressive ‘Big GRRRL Small World’ album.

The Detroit-born, Minneapolis-based rapper is “hilarious. She’s sweet. But don’t be fooled: She’ll also eat you alive.”

With ‘Big GRRRL Small World’ – produced by BJ Burton – the passionate advocate for feminism and black empowerment, delivered a rather personal and fierce collection of futuristic hip hop gems.

Speaking about ‘Big GRRRL Small World’ – out now on her own BGSW label – Lizzo says: “When you see the world, you’re able to write about it in a different way. And that’s why the album is Big GRRRL Small World…Everybody speaks the same language when I get on the microphone, you know? It’s opened my eyes, and I’m able to express myself globally.”

On taking a journey of self-discovery, reckoning with past mistakes and finally learning how to truly love herself, she reveals:

“I’ve done everything I could do to myself…I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. And then when I met in the middle, and just decided to let my body do what it wanted to do and focus on what’s important to me—which is music and performing and making sure somebody heard the song and had a better day—when I took the focus off of myself for a while, and when I looked back at myself, I realized that I liked what I saw.””


Photography by Asha Efia