LIZA ANNE Writes Her Way Out Of Panic With New Album BAD VACATION


The sensational Nashville based singer songwriter turned indie rock guitar wielding songstress Liza Anne has released her new album Bad Vacation. 12 tracks of new wave, art rock and 90s indie grunge-pop, marking a change in sonic direction for Liza, it has quickly established her as a bold young voice in mental health and self awareness.

Tackling toxic relationships, destructive habits, and the exhaustion of millennial ennui, the album is a self aware account of the emotionally difficult years that followed her previous album Fine But Dying’s success. Much of the album focuses on the time on tour and where, fresh out of an exhausting relationship, which took a considerable toll on both her physical and mental health, Liza found herself often at her lowest and gained the insight that she was behaving in a way she learned to be destructive.

Liza said, “I was a wreck. I was on a bender for emotional safety, not knowing that I could be my own healing space.”  The album is a badass reckoning of one’s own mental health, a documentation of someone writing her way out of panic and anxiety, with odes to autonomy, self-respect, and who she wanted to see in the mirror. 

To support the album, Liza’s covid-adapted ‘World Tour’ has been consisting of a series of stripped-back performances, filmed in various locations around her hometown of St Simons Island, Georgia. So far stops include The Beach, The Dock, and her parent’s front porch, which were hosted by the likes of Consequence of Sound, Flood Magazine, and Rough Trade.
Tune into ‘Bad Vacation’ below!