LIZA ANNE Continues Her Covid-Adapted WORLD TOUR With This Exclusive Video Performance


By Frank Bell

Indie rock singer/songwriter Liza Anne released her new album Bad Vacation at the end of last month. Showcasing remarkable confidence and keen self-awareness, it tackles toxic relationships, destructive habits, and the exhaustion of millennial ennui. All this whilst marking a new sonic direction of sound for Liza; a hybrid of new wave, art rock and 90s indie grunge-pop.

Not letting the halting nature of covid get in her way, Liza Anne’s World Tour to support the album has been consisting of a series of stripped-back performances, filmed in various locations around her hometown of St Simons Island, Georgia. Previous stops include The Beach, The Dock, and even her parent’s front porch. This latest stop on the tour is The Lighthouse and we’re thrilled to be hosting the exclusive video performance here at Fame.

Here, Liza plays the two songs on Bad Vacation that mark the quieter points of the record, Too Soon and I Wanna Be There. Filmed early in the morning there’s an even greater sense of intimacy as Liza play’s through each of the songs, delving a little into their background in between performances (amongst trying to swat away the bugs).

Liza said: “Making room for the soft spots of emotion has never really been my strong suit. Sometimes it feels “self-protecting” to avoid that but in reality, the softer we can hold everything the more we can expand and grow and hold love for ourselves and then others. These two songs were lessons in softening, in vulnerability, in believing in the good to grow despite the pain.”