Liz McClarnon on a mission to end female catfights

liz mcclaron1It’s your worst nightmare. You’re on a night out. There’s a woman on the dance floor wearing almost exactly the same outfit as you, eyeing up the same guy and strutting her stuff like a diva. But it’s not a rival peer…it’s your MOTHER.

Mother and daughter relationships are close, complex and emotional at the best of times, but when it comes to looks, they can be a minefield. And it’s not just mums and daughters. All over the UK, women are desperately trying to outdo each other in the style stakes.

Popstar and Celebrity Masterchef winner Liz McClarnon is on a mission to end the catfights and get the relationships back on track.

Liz McClarnon says: Hotter than my Daughter will be packed with genuinely jaw dropping moments. It will be lip gloss and mini dresses at the ready for these mums, daughters and bezzie mates. I can’t wait to start masterminding the makeovers and uncover the home truths behind the hot pants.
liz mcclaron2Each episode features three pairs of warring women – it could be mums and daughters, competitive sisters, clone-like best friends or attention grabbing grannies. When it comes to who’s the hottest, you can kiss goodbye to sisterhood.

Liz will take to the high street to ask the opinion of a jury. These ordinary people will offer their cheeky and frank thoughts and decide who the guilty party is. A major makeover is on the cards for the worst offender.

A team of experts including a stylist, hairdresser and make up artist create a whole new look – something to genuinely represent the woman’s age and tastes.

It’s a double reveal as the made over woman is revealed to her daughter or sister, or aunt or best friend and then finally gets to see her new self for the very first time.

Will they admit mistakes they’ve made and embrace their new individual styles? Will the relationships flourish, or will they slip back into their old ways?
Photos ©Fabrizio Belluschi