livingsocial46_460A research conducted by LivingSocial, reveals that British and Irish shoppers are not losing the urge to shop, but they have simply found a new way to do it.

As this sponsored video shows, Jason knew that a special girl like Jo deserved a special proposal, but to pop the question, you need a ring; and that’s where LivingSocial came in…

Jason is one of the staggering 93% of people that now opt to shop online because it is more time and cost effective and a further 89% prefer this option because it allows them to discover and try a more diverse range of experiences, services and products therefore helping to reconnect customers with local businesses.

Previous research by LivingSocial found that 9 in 10 of us admit to feeling a rush when they find a bargain on a major purchase. Conversely, Over 73% of shoppers in UK and Ireland feel a little left out when we miss out on a great deal, which explains why 1 in 5 of us scout daily deal sites twice or more a day, showing a genuine trend in consumer behaviour.

Two thirds of shoppers claim their shopping habits have evolved with technology, with 4 in 10 people now putting more stock in online product reviews than more traditional influences, like celebrities, advertising and family members.

The research results also showed that a mere 16% of Brits and Irish shoppers stick steadfastly to their preferred brands when shopping online and surprisingly only 7% have a clear idea of what they want to purchase before actually logging on to the Internet.

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