London 5 piece Suzerain – Thomas Pether (vocals), Rich Summers (guitar), Mike Smith (bass guitar), Matt Constantine (keyboards & cello), Ben Howe (drums) – talk about their second album ‘Identity’ (out May 27th via BrainZone/Republic of Music), which is produced by double Grammy Award winner Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux). To get a taste of their convincingly engaging and brooding cinematic rock offering, here’re standout tracks ‘I Know You So Well’ and ‘Always’.

Thomas Pether explains: “It’s not a concept album by any stretch…But it certainly does have elements of that. Our track ‘I Know You So Well’ came from how we can be seen through our digital footprint in the world, and ‘Hide Yourself’ is about opening up to other people by not hiding yourself, by just being you. Which to be honest is something we all want to do! So there were many things that crossed over in actually defining ourselves on this record.”

“We recorded so many songs that didn’t make the album,” continues Rich. “We decided that if anything sounded like another band could have done it, we didn’t want to include it. The music had to be something that could only be done by us. And embracing that side of us was both a blessing and a curse! But the result is that anyone listening to this record would have to grab a whole group of genres to figure out where we belong.”

“I wanted something bizarre and interesting over that particular instrumental,” admits Thomas. “So I found this list and it felt incredibly depressing. Both heartbreaking and worrying for mankind. I mean, it was longer than the song, for starts. Even though we’re all looking to the future, there’s a huge amount of past that can affect how we act now.”

Upcoming Shows:
19 May – The Great Escape, Brighton (Republic Of Music Showcase at Marlborough Pub & Theatre)
15-17 July – Into The Wild Festival, Buckinghamshire