By Vee D

London-based songwriter Liv Walker has talent beyond her years – At just 18 years old, her work as a songwriter and performer strikes like that of someone much older. Her new single Sad Raver, explores her experience meeting a character with a past in the scene, facing a world that’s passed them by.

Speaking on the new single, Walker states: “I wrote Sad Raver about someone I met once but will probably never come across again. Sad Raver tells the story of a person stuck in a place far behind a world that has long since moved on. Things are constantly moving and changing at great speed; It’s easy to be left behind if you don’t move with the times!

Those times are all gone now but you can’t say goodbye ‘cos you are a sad sad raver. Everyone is or could be a Sad Raver. Although a sad raver is so obvious to the outside eye, the person themself is so consumed by the lifestyle that they’re trapped in a loop and can see no more.”


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