Hailing from Paris, The Penelopes are dynamic duo Axel Basquiat and Vincent T. Now living in London’s trendy east, the pair are in the city that live and breathes ‘Gloomy Indie’, a genre the pair fell in love with when living in the industrial suburbs of north Paris.
Influenced by British bands such as The Cocteau Twins and New Order you would expect their own music to follow in the same footsteps, but happily, the band contradict their influences by creating this multi-layered, sparkly indie-pop.

Fashion designer Agnés B caught wind of these duo’s triumphs and has since become their mentor, designer and friend, taking them across the world to play at fashion shows and introducing them to all the right people.

‘Sally in the Galaxy’ is a hooky, electro, dance heavy song and the beats hammer through until it gets to the futuristic bridge.

The track is following the intro track Now Now Now back in early December of last