South London’s Sarah Williams White returns with AA side single ‘If I Smile At You’ / ‘Take Your Time’, due for release on 16th April 2012.

Influenced by the likes of Jamie Lidell, Erykah Badu, Prince & PJ Harvey, SWW is a songwriter & producer who produces a mix of urban, pop and soul that oozes a laidback contemporary feel.

Produced by herself and Andy Spence (New Young Pony Club), ‘If I Smile At You’ fuses slow-grooving R&B with syncopated beats and a quavering melody to create an infectious slice of warped pop.

In her own words it’s a song about “the infectiousness of smiling at people, even strangers, and what it takes to get someone where you want them”.

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AA-side ‘If I Smile At You’/’Take Your Time’ will be available as a digital download from 16th April 2011, along with a Timmy Rickard remix of ‘Take Your Time’, through Minds On Fire.