Hemingway meets his Muse in some faraway Spanish Bordello: “When I’m drunk I’m so easy, You can buy me with whiskey, Take off my clothes and kiss with your hips and go all night long…”
Indie-folk singer Robinson from Worcester, releases his new single ‘You’ll Never Be Her’ on May 21st .

Imagine bordellos, gypsies, passion, a Spanish muse and a young lost Hemingway in the middle of it – this is an outrageous and brilliant song, for which it is hard to find comparison.

Reminiscent of something from a Hemingway novel, Robinson’s latest single screams a torrid love affair that is wrapped in passion and becomes a cocktail of tragedy.

Mixed by Ian Davenport (Radiohead) the song has long been the encore of Robinson’s eclectic live set. Featured on the new album ‘BENEATH THE BALLROOM”