Listen: Nerina Pallot – ‘All Bets Are Off’

Nerina Pallot returns for 2012 with the gorgeous new single, All Bets Are Off. Written by Nerina Pallot and produced by Bernard Butler. Nerina Pallot – All Bets Are Off by Nerina Pallot All “Bets Are Off is about the beginning of the end of a love affair,” explains Nerina. “When you know its over but you keep hoping for a miracle that never arrives.”

Nerina Pallot is currently spending a lot of time in Germany where she is the guest mentor on The Voice.

The #1 rated music show, which has already proved a hit in America, is currently one of the most talked about shows in Germany. Talking about her role on The Voice, Nerina said : “Unlike other music competitions on TV the focus is actually on the quality of the singers voice as opposed to bad karaoke. The standard of singing is exceptional and as a result I am finding it inspiring and humbling to work with so many talented singers, my German could still do with some improvement mind.”

‘All Bets Are Off’ is out on 30th January 2012.