Fanzine take cues from the movie ‘Splash’ in the video for their new track ‘L.A.’.

Hailing from London, but drawing equally from the power pop sounds of West Coast America to the rainy streets of Glasgow, Fanzine are here to inspire, to incite and to invigorate in the most laid back, understated yet radiant way they can.

There’s a knack to making this positively inviting brand of modern, heart filled, outlandishly catchy power pop that Fanzine create so effortlessly.

It’s all to do with fusing an irresistible melody and a soft, jaunty vocal with the perfect dose of fuzz and reverb, and then wrapping the whole thing up in perfectly executed layers of harmonic prowess.

Fanzine have been perfecting this heady mixture and are now set to demonstrate their melodic mastery as they release a new single through Best Fit Recordings.

Fanzine release “L.A.” through Best Fit Recordings on April 30.