Linn Koch-Emmery unveils emotionally charged single ‘Happy’

"There's never as much hope as in the beginning and right before the end of a relationship"
7 March 2024
Photo by Rory Cole

Before the eagerly anticipated release of the album ‘Borderline Iconic’

Swedish indie rock artist Linn Koch-Emmery drop​s her much-anticipated single, Happy, ​v​ia Boys Tears. Serving as the second single from her upcoming album Borderline Iconic, set for release in May, Happy tells the story of the complexities within relationships, exploring the fleeting hope that lingers when they come to an end.

Linn’s latest single, Happy, showcases her signature style: gritty electric guitar riffs and pulsating percussion, all brought to life under the production expertise of Pete Robertson from The Vaccines. The song’s ethereal chorus and heartfelt lyrics reflect Linn’s growth as an artist.

Linn Koch-Emmery talks about the inspiration behind Happy: “There’s never as much hope as in the beginning and right before the end of a relationship.” This emotional depth resonates throughout the track, inviting listeners into Linn’s world of love and self-discovery.

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, and nurtured in Norrköping, Sweden, since her solo debut with the EP Waves in 2018 and her acclaimed album Being the Girl in 2021, Linn has garnered critical acclaim and a Swedish Grammy nomination.

Photo by Rory Cole

Music became her lifeline during her childhood and teenage years, setting the stage for her soundscapes. She reveals: “I was an anxious kid. Listening to music was an escape; a lot of things suddenly made sense.”

In addition to the single release, fans can catch Linn’s dynamic stage presence at The Social in London on March 19th. This headline performance promises an unforgettable showcase of Linn’s raw talent and magnetic energy.

Prepping for the release of her upcoming album Borderline Iconic, Linn Koch-Emmery solidifies her standing as an electrifying emerging artist in the music world.