Photo by Rory Cole

Linn Koch-Emmery​ drops ‘Ebay Armour’ – A glimpse into a new era

“Trauma and grief has its own illogical ways. Sometimes we cope through substances, others by buying a life sized armour off the internet”
19th January 2024

As the indie music scene continues to evolve and surprise, there emerges a talent who consistently captivates the auditory senses with a blend of authenticity and innovation. Linn Koch-Emmery, is making headlines once again with the release of her latest single, Ebay Armour. Following her cinematic ​tune Falling Down in 2022 and the Swedish Grammy-nominated debut album, Being The Girl in 2021, Linn is now poised for an exhilarating start to 2024.

In her latest venture, Linn collaborates with the acclaimed Pete Robertson of The Vaccines, renowned for his work with artists like Beabadobee, Clairo, and Orla Gartland. This partnership has been more than a year in the making, a period of meticulous crafting and profound artistic exploration. Robertson’s influence is palpable in Ebay Armour, bringing a newfound depth of vulnerability and emotion to Linn’s music.

Ebay Armour showcases a distinctive blend of hazy sonics and reverb-drenched vocals, hallmarks of her unique musical style. Yet, it also reveals an unexpected versatility, adding depth and dimension to the track.​ The song traverses a complex emotional landscape, touching on themes of frustration, escapism, introspection, and a longing for positive change. It’s a reflection of Linn’s commitment to more authentic and sincere storytelling.

Linn’s inspiration for Ebay Armour is deeply personal. She reflects, “Trauma and grief has its own illogical ways. Sometimes we cope through substances, others by buying a life sized armour off the internet.” The song narrates the experiences of someone close to her, adding layers of intimacy and relatability to her music…”This song is about a person close to me, that I never really figured out.”

Linn’s musical roots trace back to Hamburg, Germany, and Norrköping, Sweden. Music was her refuge during her anxious childhood, leading her to envision a future filled with band performances and songwriting. Her journey from forming bands with her twin sister to a solo career is marked by milestones like the 2018 EP Waves and the acclaimed album Being the Girl.

Linn’s global journey, from Germany to the U.S., U.K., and Mexico, sharing stages with stars like Liam Gallagher and appearing at festivals like Roskilde, highlights her Grammy-nominated talent as a musician and storyteller.

The release of Ebay Armour teases the diverse and rich content of Linn’s forthcoming second album, due in May 2024, stirring palpable excitement among both fans and critics. Linn Koch-Emmery, with her distinctive fusion of storytelling, emotional resonance, and indie rock, undoubtedly stands out as a musician to keep an eye on.