LILY HAIN Unveils EP DRIFTED Showcasing Her Versatile Talent

"The EP is about feeling far away from everyone."
18 August 2021

By Vee D

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Lily Hain has released her debut 5-track EP Drifted. Opening with the upbeat synth-infused IMYJ, Lily shows off a carefree and sassy side to her personality. The EP moves into a more gentle and authentic side of Lily’s music with tracks such as People Grow Apart and Someone Else.

Lily Hain reveals: “The EP, Drifted, is about feeling far away from everyone. The songs were written over the course of the pandemic, which started a few months after I graduated from college. I, like so many others at the time, felt distant and far apart from just about everyone I cared about. Even though I knew in my heart that I had people who loved and cared about me, I couldn’t feel it. The EP at its core is about the loneliness I felt at the time and unrequited love.

Lily Hain also uses her skills as a video editor to make all her own music videos and artwork. Lily used these skills to create her latest music video for single ‘IMYJ’