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Lily Hain delivers ‘OH GOD’: A refreshing antidote to the winter blues

"It’s about my frustration of the constant of bitter cold, grey days and what it does to my mindset"
18th January 2024

Indie singer-songwriter Lily Hain​, a North Carolina native who has found her footing in New York City’s alternative pop scene, ​shares her newest single, OH GOD, ​. This latest addition is a striking, pop-tinged track that offers a vibrant escape from the dullness of daily life, drawing inspiration from the bleakness of cold winters and the toll of seasonal depression. The lyrics poignantly reflect this sentiment, with lines like “The shine on my shoes wore off,/ February made me lonely as hell” capturing the essence of winter’s gloom.

The track features an invigorating blend of punchy bass lines and rhythmic drum beats, culminating in an energetic chorus that echoes the frustrations of feeling trapped by circumstances, even amidst the bustle of city life. Awaiting the rejuvenation of spring, Hain expresses this longing for renewal in the song’s bridge. “OH GOD” marks the fifth unveiling from Lily Hain’s eagerly awaited first album, Fatal Flaws, set to debut on February 9th. Admirers of Olivia Rodrigo, Avril Lavigne, and Holly Humberstone are poised to add this track to their list of favorites.

Hain​ has cultivated a loyal fan base through her emotionally resonant performances and genuine songwriting. Her ability to traverse various genres while maintaining her unique lyrical flair has set her apart as a standout artist. Her previous EP, Drifted, a pop-infused exploration of pandemic isolation, garnered significant attention, as did singles like Spicy, Wrapped Up, and Internalize.

The genesis of OH GOD was a bass line, a testament to Hain’s creative process, where she often starts with a simple melody and expands it into a full arrangement in the studio. Hain’s vision for the track was clear from the start: “I wanted to have a lot of driving heavy guitars in the song,” she says. The incorporation of drum pads, strings, and synths culminates in a sound that leans toward a rockier edge within the commercial pop landscape.

Photo by Emma Cheshire

The song is a reflection of Hain’s personal experiences, particularly her first winter in New York after moving from the milder climate of North Carolina.

Hain explains: “I wrote it during my first winter in New York City after moving from North Carolina, which has much milder winters. It’s about my frustration of the constant of bitter cold, grey days and what it does to my mindset. It also chronicles the novelty of moving to New York City wearing off – I had dreamt of moving to NYC since I was a little girl so this song touches on the realities of living in the big city versus the shiny version I had in my head.”

It touches on the stark contrast between the dreamy expectations of life in the big city and the often harsh realities. Despite the lyrical focus on the challenges of city life and the winter season, Hain’s music maintains a sense of optimism. Her infectious melodies and relatable refrains, like the catchy “OH GOD!”, make her music both an outlet for frustration and a perfect backdrop for dance.

Lily Hain’s OH GOD is a relatable anthem for anyone who’s ever felt the weight of winter blues, promising to keep listeners dancing and singing along, even on the coldest of days.

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