Lily Brooke’s catchy track ‘Scream’ has a touch of darkness and meaning

Her latest release tackles the subject of sexism and mistreatment of women in Hollywood - past and present
17 May 2023

Scream by Lily Brooke is the ideal companion for her tried-and-tested Blackjack and The Doctor singles. These songs have been played on radio continuously, streamed thousands of times and can be found on many playlists.

Scream is part of Lily Brooke’s first EP, Hypomaniac and is an inspirational pop-alt song that really captures her beliefs.

Scream has a rather dark disco vibe that puts a lot of energy into it.

Lily Brooke has a special sound – her vocal sounds are sassy but light, and her musical output combines strong bass and dramatic strings. When you listen to her songs, you will hear the influences of artists like Dua Lipa, MARINA and Melanie Martinez.

Lily Brooke’s music is a great mix of alternative and mainstream sounds. She is part of the new wave of inventive pop stars – her music combines catchy tunes, a touch of darkness and significant lyrics in a single package. She’s incredibly good at this!

Her latest release Scream tackles the subject of sexism and mistreatment of women in Hollywood – past and present. It’s a courageous track that really echoes the struggles faced by many women in the industry.

Lily Brooke‘s new EP Hypomaniac tackles the mental health issues experienced by people in the music industry, in addition to the current mental health crisis across the UK. Listening to her music, it’s evident that she grasps the issues currently in our world.

If you’re looking for an artist to keep an eye on this year, Lily Brooke is definitely someone worth checking out!

Photo by Lewis Adams @lewisadamsphoto