Nashville based artist LIEZA has created a shimmering, synth-filled atmospheric soundscape with the release of her latest single ‘Eyeliner’, conveying aspects of electronica with hints of Banks and Lapsley oozing epic feels throughout.

Full of ambience and powerful vocal melodies, the emotive balance from verse to chorus is perfected from start to finish. Meghan Roner syncs her vocals perfectly throughout, with help of electronic beats and rollercoaster synths that are interwoven into the track perfectly.

As talented as Roner is, having teamed up with Grammy Award-winning writer and producer Femke Weidema for this track has created the perfect production to showcase her songwriting skills and sweeping vocals. Having worked alongside Weidema as an intern, this has certainly opened doors for LIEZA, as well as adding to her own knowledge and development as an artist.

Eyeliner is out now via LV Music.