Lie Supine share hypnotic alt-rock single ‘Open Eyes’

'This song is about dedicating your life to music, the struggle and the beauty.'
21 July 2022

By Elle B

Hailing from the coast of North Wales, Lie Supine is a musical duo comprised of Zachariah Storm & Gracie King, the definition of a power couple who have said that they ‘’make music and babies together’’. Their latest musical baby is Open Eyes, an alluring indie rock track with haunting vocals and hypnotic instrumentals, written about dedicating your life to music, and the struggle and beauty of that. 

The music video for the song depicts the band on the rugged, monochromatic landscape of the sea, and is an ideal visual accompaniment to the rise and fall of the melody of this track. The song has a quality that is reminiscent of ocean waves, with crashing instrumentals that fade in and out of intensity, not unlike the tides of the sea. Zachariah’s raspy vocals melt together with Gracie’s siren song naturally, their harmonies threaded together by twangy guitar and shimmering drum beats. 

Lie Supine cite their influences as alternative rock heavyweights such as Radiohead, Placebo and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, which can be heard in their moody, introspective sound and lyrics. If you’re a fan of indie rock, you have to check out Lie Supine; you won’t be disappointed.